Medrobotics Announces Appointment Of Shawn Wery As Vice President of Clinical-Regulatory Affairs

May 11, 2011 - Medrobotics Corporation is pleased to announce the appointment of Shawn Wery to lead the Company's Clinical and Regulatory Affairs worldwide. Mr. Wery was recently promoted to this position after bringing over fifteen years clinical and regulatory experience in both publicly traded medical device companies such as Medtronic, Guidant, Boston Scientific, J&J and most recently at innovative medical device start-up Cyberkinetics.  He has considerable experience managing and developing clinical and regulatory strategies for a diverse range of products including cardiac pacemakers, stents, neurosurgical monitoring, spinal cord regeneration therapeutics and neural prosthesis.  Mr. Wery holds an MS in Exercise Physiology from The University of Michigan where he designed proprietary products and supervised research for the Departments of Gerontology and Thoracic Surgery.

Mr. Wery's appointment coincides with the Company's near term plans of seeking regulatory approval in several countries around the world to commercialize its products.

About Medrobotics

Medrobotics Corporation ( is a privately held company headquartered in Raynham, Massachusetts, that is developing and commercializing the Flex™ System, a robotic assist platform that enables surgeons to gain single-site access and visualization to difficult-to-access anatomical locations. The system provides a precise and stable platform for enhanced visualization, and enables two-handed dexterity with compatible third-party tools having tactile feedback. The Flex™ System is anticipated to be commercially available in 2013.




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